The Pros And Cons Of Technology

Technology is important for us. We can’t imagine a day without technology. This is because we rely completely on technology for all our needs. Similarly, technology has engulfed our lives completely. From morning to night, we use technology. This isn’t a bad thing per se because technology makes many things convenient. Before us, people lived without much technology. This wasn’t an easy life and things were much tougher to do than today. For anything to be done it took days like sending a telegram which took days to even months to reach when today, we can call or send an email in an instant.  

Technology has definitely changed our lives. There are many benefits that have been obtained by technology. Similarly, there are disadvantages as well.  Overall, the advantages do outweigh the disadvantages but the disadvantages shouldn’t be taken lightly. Like how a drop of potent poison can cause harm, the disadvantages can cause problems. We should take steps to limit the harm from technology while further increasing its benefits. Here’s a list of Pros and Cons of technology. 


Technology has made many things easier. We can do anything from anywhere today. Even shopping can be done online. This has made our lives much easier and comfortable. We can rely on technology for most of the things we do. In future, we may not have to even drive because of research on driverless cars. Even talking to multiple people, we can do a telephone conference call and message them all at the comfort of our homes. Click here to learn more  


A disadvantage of technology is that it is making us lazy. When we have all the comfort in the world, we don’t worry about anything. People are becoming more and more lazier and prefer doing everything at home. Even when it comes to talking to friends, we can do it over the internet or use an office voicemail system to get a message. Technology has made this much easier for them. In a similar manner, laziness can lead to sicknesses such as obesity and heart disorders.  

Improved healthcare 

Because of technology healthcare has improved considerably. Birth rates have increase while death rates have increased. Further, many advances in medical technology has enabled highly complicated surgeries to be done successfully. Even the medicines used today, enhance and increase lifespan.  


With the improved healthcare, over population has begun to become a major problem. The world has limited resources and we have to support the current population with the limited resources. Further, prices are rising and it is getting tougher and tougher to afford things. If this continues, it can lead to mass starvation and housing issues.  

Growth in commerce 

Technology has benefited commerce greatly. Business have grown and we have many industries. Technology has given rise to any businesses and further enhanced existing ones. This helps with output and productivity, further benefitting the community. 

Global warming 

Due to businesses improving and the focus on profit is growing, businesses tend to ignore how they affect the environment. Due to years of increased CO2 production and release, global warming has started. We are living among the warmest years on record and frequencies of tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes will continue growing.